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Types of Automations We Offer

There are many different fields and variations of AUTOMATIONS that can be found in SmartLife:

Smart Office Automation

Smart Hotel Automation

Smart Launch Automation

Smart Industry Automation

Smart Lounge Automation

Smart Restaurant Automation

Benefits for Corporates

SmartLife offers a range of cutting-edge smart door lock solutions as well as other smart devices tailored to meet the specific needs of corporate clients. Here are the key benefits that SmartLife provides to businesses in the corporate sector:


– Custom designed smart office solutions tailored to your need to enhance security, safety and reduce electric cost

– Easy control of all devices with just one click. Possibility to remotely monitor usage of all devices/electric cost

– Proper IFTT implementaion, where smart devices will work with each other for the ultimate best experience

– One easy interface to check & monitor all smart devices and their current state,

– Highly skilled technical team and R&D office in Germany

– Reliable product and services, so that you can focus on your core business and we take care of the rest

– Dedicated after sales support team and personal contact officer for any kind of help/support

– Fair and transparent pricing and high quality after sales support.


How We Are Different
From The Competition

SmartLife Others
Smart Solutions
✔️ Custom-designed solutions for security, safety, and energy efficiency in offices, hotels, homes, launches etc.
✖️ Limited customization with generic offerings.
Ease of Control
✔️ One-click control for all devices, enabling remote monitoring of usage and electric costs.
✖️ Complex interfaces and limited remote monitoring capabilities.
IFTTT Implementation
✔️ Seamless integration for smart devices to work together, ensuring an optimal user experience.
✖️ Inconsistent or limited IFTTT implementation in competitors.
Unified Interface
✔️ Single interface for checking and monitoring all smart devices, providing a streamlined user experience.
✖️ Separate interfaces for different devices, leading to complexity.
Technical Expertise
✔️ Highly skilled technical team with an R&D office in Germany, ensuring cutting-edge solutions and reliability.
✖️ Varying levels of technical expertise and absence of global presence.
Product and Service Reliability
✔️ Reliable products and services, allowing corporate clients to focus on their core business with peace of mind.
✖️ Instances of product/service reliability issues in competitors.
After-Sales Support
✔️ Dedicated support team with a personal contact officer, providing prompt assistance and ensuring client satisfaction.
✖️ Limited after-sales support and generic customer service.
Transparent Pricing
✔️ Fair and transparent pricing, coupled with high-quality after-sales support, contributing to overall client satisfaction.
✖️ Ambiguous pricing structures and potential hidden costs.

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